pen/marker for picture frame guest book?

I bought one of those photo frames with the large mat at Bed Bath & Beyond for our "guest book" and am wondering if anyone has any insights into what are the best pens and/or markers to use?

I'm thinking about those fine-tip Sharpies, but am wondering if those are too sharp and will make indents on the mat?

I'm probably over-thinking this, but any insights would be much appreciated!

6 weeks to go!

Re: pen/marker for picture frame guest book?

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    I was going to suggest the Sharpie pens.  Since the have a maker-ish ink style, people shouldn't have to push down too hard, and I wouldn't think it would really damage the matting.  If you don't get many answers here, try the DIY board.

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    I think sharpies should be fine.  If possible, find the same kind of matting material somewhere and do a trial run.  I'd be more worried about ink bleed than indents.

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