NWR: Good dermatologist/plastic surgeon?

Hi ladies,
I have a mole/beauty mark on the side of my face that's been irritating me. I'd like to have it removed, but I don't know where to go. Can any of you suggest a good dermatologist or plastic surgeon? Because it's on my face -- and I'm getting married in six months -- I'd like to make sure the scarring is minimal.


Re: NWR: Good dermatologist/plastic surgeon?

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    I had looked into doctor's about a month ago and was going to make an appt. with http://www.lindapnimsmd.com/. I didn't end up following through because I got busy. Washingtonian magazine puts a report out each year with the best doctors.
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    Not sure what area you're interested in, but you could try Dr. Marsha McNeely at University Dermatology Associates in Washington, DC (http://www.advancedskinhealth.com).  I've been going to her for at least 5-6 years and have nothing bad to say.  In fact, I found out that several of my colleagues see her too and they love her.
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    Dr. Philip Schoenfeld is one of the best facial guys in the area. I don't know his office web site, but he also owns a med-spa, which I've been to and it's great, where you can find info about him: www.renudc.com.

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    I went to Dr. Gregory Di*ck in Rockville (right next to Shady Grove Hospital) for one on my back last year.  Depending on your insurance, you may need to see a dermatologist first and then get a referral to a plastic surgeon.  I would highly recommend having a plastic surgeon do the procedure and not a dermatologist. 

    I've had 3 removed from my face (all were done through Jefferson Hospital in Philly) and I would make sure that you are VERY vigilant with sunscreen.  Otherwise, the scar will stay visible.  Also make sure you use Maderma or vitamin E ointment.
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    dr. douglas richardson in sterling VA is awesome. he removed something 4 me with no scar
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