What's everyone doing for their honeymoon?!?  =-)  With cold weather like this, I thought it would be a good topic to bring up! 

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    Oooo you are so right! Especially cuz FI and I are planning for a Mediterranean Cruise! It starts in Italy, goes to Turkey, Greece, Croatia and Serbia-Montenegro.... So excited! Just thinking about it warms me up!

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    We didn't do the conventional beach HM.  H and I saved up vacation time for almost 2 years and took a month off.  We went to Iceland, Amsterdam, Italy and Dublin.

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    The only thing that FI will tell me is that it is going to be someplace warm. I just cannot wait. Less than a month to go!!!! Vacation here I come. 

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    Oooo, a surprise!  I like it!  So fun!

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    Yes, he has told my Mom to help me pack. I am just showing up ready to go!!!! I cannot wait.. He is such a great FI. He knows that I like surprises.
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    We wish we could afford to go somewhere tropical, but we're poor young students.  Instead, we are going to Williamsburg for a few days.  Neither of us have ever been, and we both love history and all that jazz. 

    We're getting married in February, so it'll still be cold, but we'll be in our room most of the time anyway!  Wink
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    We are going to puerto rico or cabo. We booked both places, just havent decided on where yet! Either way, i plan on soaking up as much sun as possible! ha!
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    We're thinking Morocco at the moment ... .  I grew up partially in the UK and everyone there raves about Morocco.
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