Budget DC/MD venues with food & drink included

I'm looking for a low-cost venue for both the ceremony and reception for 80-90 guests, and ideally I'd like food and drink to be included as part of the total venue price. I'm willing to go with a venue that requires separate catering if need be, however almost every catering website I visit doesn't include price info, so it's very difficult to figure out how to match up venue price with catering price when I haven't decided on either a venue or a caterer yet.

It has to be in DC or MD (we're a same-sex couple so VA is out), and we're on a tight budget -- around $15k for everything. I am a big fan of the Vandiver Inn in Havre de Grace but my fiancee is hoping we can find something closer (we live in DC). 

Thanks for any suggestions you may have! :)

Re: Budget DC/MD venues with food & drink included

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    The link above is for venues in PG County.  You might also want to check out this link for venues in Montgomery County.  My son and his wife were married at Rockwood Manor in Potomac.  By having the wedding off-season (late March, so the weather was still nice enough to have the ceremony outside) and on a Sunday, they kept the total rental price down to $1,500.  And it was a gorgeous venue in wooded parkland that used to be the national headquarters of the Girl Scouts.

    They allow any licensed caterer.  I've heard good reports about Too Blessed To Be Stressed Catering as a budget-friendly caterer with great food.  You might check with them on a quote for the food and drink, which you could combine with the rental rates to determine total cost for venue and catering.
  • have u looked at st francis hall in dc? they post all of their available dates and rates online.
    very pretty, only downside is unless you have your guests have the ceremony and reception in the same spot, youll need a sep location for the ceremony because its one room, but it does have a nice stage and is very pretty. 

    also for catering, check out www.sweetsensationsllc.com. they are pretty reasonable and post all of thier catering and prices. we are using them. They also do a lot of other stuff too. we are also getting our linens, flowers, uplights and wedding cakse from them.

    How far into md are you willing to go??
  • My budget is less than yours and we're going with the DACOR Bacon House, located in the Foggy Bottom area. It is an organization for forgin affairs professionals (retired state department and such), but the building is beautiful and has a rich history. To rent the building is 4,000, and then you can use their on site caterer for an aditional cost (we're doing a brunch to keep the costs down), and they have sample menus online with prices. They have a beautiful garden outside for the ceremony, and the indors in impecable. I'm a vegan and they're really working with us to make our brunch wedding veg friendly. They don't do very many weddings, and I get the feeling it gives them the ability to give you plenty of attention. 

    Hope this helps.


    ps They feature several pictures of a gay couple in the brochure and on the website, being LGBT friendly was important to me as a queer woman.
  • I live in DC as well, we are having a small wedding of about 60. It will be at the Kimpton Lorien Hotel & Spa in Old Town. Most hotels will offer a package that includes champagne toast, hor d'oeuvres, appetizer, dinner, a room for the bride & groom after the wedding, and no cost for the space for cermony & reception. There were other things include but these were the basics. When looking I did notice that DC hotels include alchol, but the added at least $25 - $30/person. It wasn't worth it to me. We are looking at about $6,000 give or take including taxes and service charges. Good luck!
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