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I recently got married and am looking to sell many of the items that were used to decorate the event. I've included links of the websites where the items were purchased where I could.

Irregular/Free-Style 24" Ribbed Paper Lanterns -Ivory:
Available units: 25, Asking price: $5 each or $100 for all.  Bulk price on Luna Bazaar is $9.95 plus shipping
These are HUGE and were great for filling space.  Obviously they are all in used condition but are in pretty great shape.  

Teal & Green Recycled Glass Votive Holders - West Elm:
These are gorgeous!
Available units: 38 (pretty equally split between teal and darker green color)
Asking $4 each or $120 for all.  These are no longer available at West Elm 

Clear 6" wide cylindrical vases:
I was initially worried that these were going to be too short but with the flower arrangements, they were an absolutely perfect conversational height
Available units: 12
Asking $4 each or $40 for all.  Originally purchased from Michael's.

Frames for table numbers:
These are just cheap plastic frames purchased from the Dollar store but absolutely looked great and more expensive on the tables
Available units: 14
Asking $0.50 each 


Direction Signs:
These were handmade (with lots of love!) by me and my husband.  They are made of a white-washed wood and have cut out paper letters glued to them.  They're far from perfect close up but were more than perfect from any distance.  All of our guests loved these!  We have a 3rd sign simply saying, "Wedding Cake" (with an arrow) that I do not have a picture of.  It is the same color and font as these

"Happily Ever After Starts Here" is approx 2.5 feet tall x 1 feet long. Asking $30
"Here Comes the Bride" is approximately half the size. Asking $20
"Wedding Cake" just slightly smaller than that. Asking $10
...or $50 for all 3 signs
All are flat pieces of wood meant to be leaned/balanced against something.  We're happy to drill holes if you need to hang them.

Photo Props:
We provided our guests with teal paper hand fans (from Luna Bazaar) and found that they made awesome bridal party props in our photos!  We have 7 left over - all brand new.  Asking $5 total (originally $1.70 each, plus shipping)

Similarly, we used these fabulous swirly lollipops for our seating cards and they were AMAZING in the photos when we used them for props.  We have an entire 'case' (dozen pops) left over - completely sealed. Asking $5 (originally $6.25 plus shipping)

Harry Potter Books
My husband and I are both huge Harry Potter fans.  Rather than having our ring bearers (we had 2) carry pillows down the aisle, we 'borrowed' the fabulous Harry Potter proposal idea from Pinterest (rings tied at the chapter titled "The Unbreakable Vow") and had our boys carry these books.  They were hand cut by my husband and contain plastic rings.  One is hard cover, one paperback. Asking $5 each, $10 for both

 Random Decor
We had a set of Hurricanes/Glass jars - one is 8" tall, the other 10".  We used one for personalized matches on the bar and the other held tickets for our venue's carousel.  Asking just $5 for the set

Thanks so much for looking!  Please feel free to e-mail me directly with questions or if interested: [email protected]
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