dress alteration recommendations in DC/Rockville area?

I'm looking for somewhere to take my wedding dress for alterations in the DC area. I currently live in Rockville MD, so anywhere in the MD area would be ideal. It would also be really helpful to get an idea of how much the alterations cost, so if you have any basic price ranges to include with any recommendations, I'd really appreciate it!
Thanks ladies!

Re: dress alteration recommendations in DC/Rockville area?

  • Look further down the board. A few recommendations were posted before. Hope they help!
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  • Try Bridal Images in Rockville, if the seamstress is available, they will perform alterations for you, you need to speak with a staff member to get an idea on price (depends on what needs to be done and how complex the garment is constructed.)
    Great idea to go to a dress shop with experienced seamstress that work on those type of garments everyday, so it will be done right!  Don't take chances with someone without that type of experience, don't want a ruined wedding or formal garment do you??
  • I can definitely recommend Estee Livioco in Gaithersburg, 301-869-5971.  She did the alterations for my wife and me, and also for my daughter-in-law, and did a perfect job on all three.  There is an article about her at this link.

    I got the bodice taken out on my dress, and had a bustle added.  My wife had her dress hemmed and bustled.  The cost was about $100 for each of us.
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