Hi all --
does anyone know of any caterers (our wedding will be in DC) that allow you to use a restaurant's food?  I am particularly interested in those caterers that will not upcharge -- i.e.: they will serve the restaurant's food at cost?

Many thanks!

Re: caterers

  • I think what you're looking for is just, like a food services company.  Someone who will serve food, as opposed to a caterer, who both makes and serves food.  You may be able to find someone, but you'd have to search for food services or some similar term, not for a caterer.
  • Please re-phrase your question.  I'm not sure what you're asking either.

  • When I was looking at venues I first looked through the list on The Knot and saw that some of them allow outside food.  Assuming that your venue does, I would discuss the food directly with the restaurant.  Just make sure it is clear who is serving the food (the restaurant or the venue).  As far as upcharge, cake cutting fees seem very common (I think they're generally about $2.75/person in this area) because the venue usually serves the cake.  I don't see why the venue would be charging for food that you are ordering separately unless they are being asked to serve it.
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  • Stumbled on this. I have no experience with them, but it looked like it might be up the alley of what you're looking for:
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