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Hi everyone,
Any tips on the best wedding planner or book to buy to get myself organized? I want it to have space to shove all the pamphlets I get from vendors at bridal shows, but I also would like checklists/calendars/workspace. Some of the books out there are so gimmicky or cheaply made they look like they'll fall apart or be of no help.

Or, any idea what stores would sell good ones?
Thanks much!!

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    Id probably just go check out borders/barnes and nobel.  Honestly, I got like 4 different ones as gifts when I got engaged, and I was SO excited for them, but I never really read the info/use the checklists.  All I use is the tabs for categores (reception, florist, photographer, etc.) with POCKETS to shove things in...and I like that mine is a three-ring binder so I can put all my contracts, etc. in one place.
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    I bought one from B&N (I forget the name but it's huge and green) the second I got engaged but I barely even used it.  The binder wasn't sturdy and it didn't hold the contracts/info as nicely as I had thought it would.  I think your best bet is to purchase whatever wedding planning book(s) (not binders)you're interested in and then hit Target for folders.  I have a bunch of colored plastic folders (some zip closed, others have a velcro flap) and I organize everything according to vendor.  I keep all the folders in the free bag we received when we registered at Macys.  

    Just my two cents.  Happy planning!   
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    They're expensive, but Russell & Hazel makes the best (http://www.russellandhazel.com/category/weddinghttp://www.russellandhazel.com/category/wedding).  Their website comes with downloadable org sheets!
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    Great tips, thanks everybody!!
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