Register or No??2nd marriage for one, first for other

Help, we both are older.  One has been married before with child.  The other has not.  Do we register?  Do we have showers?  I am saying no, but others say yes.

Re: Register or No??2nd marriage for one, first for other

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    This is the same situation for me and I am still going to register.
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    Register.  Whether or not you think it's necessary, some people will want to purchase you a gift.  You're not required to have a shower, but someone will probably want to throw you one.  These are ways people feel involved.
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    Showers are really a nonissue.  They are only given if someone offers to throw you one.  If they do, you can accept or reject.  If not, you do without.

    As far as registering goes, we initially did not intend to.  I was married before (though my wife was not), and we had lived together for nearly nine years before the wedding.  However, what we discovered was that people want to give gifts, and want some indication of what you'd like. If you don't give them a registry, they may end up givingt you something like the infamous chili pepper lamp. We therefore set up a few registries, and most people either bought stuff from one of our registries, or gave gift cards to places at which we were registered.
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