gluten free cakes in dc?

Does anyone know of a good place to get a gluten free wedding cake in the dc metro area? I will probably do regular sheet cake for the guests who dont have the dietary restrictions, but I need a gf cake for myself! :) Thanks!!

Re: gluten free cakes in dc?

  • Hi there! I've never tried their GF cakes, but I've heard good things about Cherry Blossom Cakes: www.cherryblossomcakesdc.com. For my own wedding, I decided just to get a gluten free cupcake for my cake (as the cake topper), and then get a regular cake for the rest of the guests.  I figured that it will be much cheaper than getting a full GF cake for just my fiance and me.  Some places in the area with good GF cupcakes that I have tried -- Red Velvet in Chinatown/Penns Quarter and Hello Cupcake in Dupont Circle. 

    Also, check out this article: http://www.washingtonian.com/blogarticles/restaurants/bestbites/9276.html

    Good luck!
  • check out edibles incredible.  I did a cake tasting there this weekend and remember seeing they had some gluten free options.  I cannot speak for the taste of their GF items but if they are anywhere near as good as their regular cakes you will love them.

  • thanks so much, I'll try your suggestions. I think I'll either do a cupcake, or small side cake that's gf for me, but a regular cake for the group.

    thanks again!!
  • Cake Love also makes gluten free.  I'm planning on ordering from them.
  • Sorry to be so late in this post, but if you're thinking cupcakes, Sticky Fingers is the best gluten-free I've ever had.  Their cupcakes actually FELT like real cake.

    Now I want one.  Crap. 
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    The Happy Tart in Del Ray (Alexandria) is an all GF bakery. She does do wedding cakes...price I do not know though. I had a birthday cake from there this year and it was fantastic!
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