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Has anyone had alterations done through a major bridal store like David's Bridal or Alfred Angelo?  I was curious if there was a price difference or difference in quality from going with them or going with some of the seamstresses mentioned here on this board. 

Also I know everyones alterations will be different depending on what all needs done but how much did yours cost and what all did you need done?

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    I did not have alterations done but I did have a bolero made. I had it done by Anna at Moni's bridal boutique in Manassas, VA. She is wonderful and I recommend her to anyone.

    My bridesmaids got their dresses from Davids Bridal but they are very expensive for alterations. I am sorry that I could not be a better source for you.

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    For the best seamstress around, quality, flexibility of scheduling, exprience, and good pricing, try Kimly Dressmaking and Alterations, located in NOVA, Woodbridge area, her telephone number is 703-680-7442.  She is also bonded and insured, unlike some ot the other independent seamstresses who may work out of their home.  Good Luck!
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    I am getting mine done with Angie Cavallaro and she is the sweetest lady. Her prices are also really reasonable. I highly recommend her. Her phone number is 7038300634. She is going on vacation at the end of December so if you're interested wait until January to call her. She's worth it though!
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    I am having my alterations done by Estee who has 5 star ratings on wedding websites and her prices are very reasonable!! 
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    Yeah, I would not recommend getting alterations at David's Bridal.  Their dresses are affordable, but that's because they make all their money on alterations, i.e. they overcharge.  That's where they get you.  Some of my friends have had bad experiences on top of high prices, such as poor quality and failure to meet deadlines.
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    Do not get alterations done on by David's Bridal etc.  I really recommend Cheryl Loftan in DC http://cheryllofton.com/home.html.

    I would also be careful about measurements.  I've known places that specifically order a larger than necessary size and then say you must have lost weight ... .
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