Winter Wedding- Pretty Ceremony and Reception Location

Thinking I might have the wedding during Winter instead of Fall. I'm looking for suggestions for locations that have a pretty indoor area for a ceremony and reception. I originally was looking at a restaurant with a beautiful garden and lake.

Since it's going to be a small wedding, I'd prefer to not have to pay a rental fee (or a very, very small one). I'm open to restaurants or hotels. Most guests will be from Northern VA, so I would prefer to have it in VA, but I'm open to DC and metro MD (not Baltimore).

50 people
$4000-$5000 reception & ceremony (combined)
Lots of natural light and maybe some greenery


Re: Winter Wedding- Pretty Ceremony and Reception Location

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    I don't know the costs of this place - But since its in Manassas I imagine it wouldn't be too terribly expensive.  We had a tasting there with our catering company   http://www.foxchasemanor.com/

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    FoxChase is $6,000 just to rent the space--that's almost my entire wedding budget.
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    The Grand Atrium in Tysons might be a nice fit - Tons of natural light (with an atrium), flowers, relatively inexpensive with good food.

    Believe it or not, Maggiano's at Tysons also does a surprisingly good job with weddings - but no natural light.
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