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Hi - Since it seems my caterer isn't on The Knot, and I can't add them as a local vendor, I'm going to post here.  http://patchworkcatering.com/

Patchwork Catering put together an absolutely delicious, beautiful dinner for our wedding and thanks to their advice, ideas, and support, our reception was exactly what we dreamed. Their passion for great food and real sustainability shines through in everything they do. The professionalism, experience, originality, and friendly style that Patchwork brought to the process of planning our wedding made it so much more pleasurable and successful. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our partnership with Jacki and Tom, and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Frankly, if you’re looking for an awesome green caterer in the DC or Baltimore area, look no further.  Even if you aren’t that into organic or local, but love amazing food, you should also check them out.  I scrounged the region looking for a truly green caterer who wouldn’t cost a mint.  Many other caterers offered some optional organic ingredients.  Patchwork doesn’t just use organic ingredients; they know their farmers as friends and understand what’s involved in sustainable land management practices.  Their close network with the farms means they’re aware of when particular crops will be available thereby enabling their menus to be fresh, seasonal, and local.


Jacki was great to brainstorm with – both ideas for a fabulous meal, as well as great ideas or choices for keeping within our budget. Her enthusiasm, creativity, and ability to collaborate got us excited, and then she was able to expertly guide us toward a menu that fit both our tastes and budget.  


Jacki and Tom’s years of experience in the business really helped us. They were responsive, flexible, easy to work with throughout the process. For example, when we changed our minds like three times about how we were going to handle children’s meals, they offered ideas and solutions each time, without a word of resistance or frustration. They were always patient and thoughtful with all our questions, and had a great sense of humor, which was a definite stress-reliever.


The food was fresh, bright, and decadently flavorful. Everyone loved it – from the meat-eaters to the vegans.  It was hearty enough to fill us up, and yet not at all heavy. We had an October wedding, and the flavors reflected the season: one of our hors d’oeuvres was curried butternut squash polenta cakes topped with apple ginger chutney, and another was Gunpowder Bison hot Italian sausage in a maple-bourbon sauce. I can’t resist adding that we also had Cherry Glenn goat cheese crostini topped with housemade fig jam and microgreens salad. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? It was. The flavors in the dishes were distinct and yet divinely harmonious. Dinner included oven-roasted chicken breasts with pumpkin mole sauce and roasted sweet potatoes with cider braised kale and lentils.


Everyone raved about the food, a bunch of people telling us it was the best reception meal they’d ever had. We had a number of vegetarians and a few vegans, and Patchwork crafted the menu to accommodate those guests beautifully.  I hope you choose Patchwork for your catering needs. You won’t be disappointed, and you will probably have fun along the way. When it comes to wedding planning, that’s saying a lot.


Feel free to reply and ask me any questions, or ask for my phone number and I'll happily talk with you about our experience with Patchwork.



Rachel & Vic

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Re: Review for Patchwork Catering - Washington, DC area

  • Hi Rachel and Vic, 

    Not sure if you are still on the Knot since it has been well over a year since your post... but Patchwork Catering is now closed and I am struggling to find a good caterer in the DC area who uses local and sustainably grown ingredients and won't cost me about half my annual salary! If you came across anyone else in your own search who you might suggest I look into, please let me know!

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