DC Brides - Where did you get your dress cleaned and/or preserved?

Help - my wedding is over and I have no idea where to get my dress cleaned.  For those who got it preserved?  What exactly is it?  It just gets put in the box with the specialized paper?  Can you ever take it out the box and reworn (i.e., if I change my mind and want to sell it down the road?).  Any help is much appreciated!

Re: DC Brides - Where did you get your dress cleaned and/or preserved?

  • I don't know what the exact process is, but preservation is when they clean the gown and do something special to the gown and put it in a sealed box. It's not necessary to preserve the gown if you want it to be reworn in the near future. But if it's not going to be used until later down the road then you should get it preserved. Preservtion will keep the gown and it's fabrics in prestine condition until then (fabric won't get eaten/damaged/holes in it... will still look new and will not yellow with age, heat, or sun). Aside from the "preservation" itself, the cleaning process with preservation is more intense and will get out more types of stains (and better!).

    The Wedding Preservation Company has more info on their website about it if you want to read up. Just google them and it should pop up.
  • Try Imperial gown preserv co  in silver spring,    MD
    Experience and trust worthy, they clean the gowns on the mannequins at the Smithsonian.  So you know they must be very very good.  Check it out, good luck to you.
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    I think I am going to try either Suh's Custom Tailor on West Street or Sabatino's on S. Peyton Stree, both in Old Town Alexandria.
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