How many?

So I think I'm going to make my own centerpieces but how do I know how many I'm going to need?  Our wedding is going to be local around here but most of my family is from out of state.  I know a good portion won't come but I don't know how many!  Is this something that most people just guestimate about?  Just curious what others have done in the past for this.

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    Perhaps you should speak with the coordinator planning the of table set-up at your venue.  Then, plan the number of centerpieces accordingly.
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    I'm doing my own too and my mom guesstimated. We know that each table at our venue seats ten people, we think we're going to have about 120-130 people, and so she bought 16 vases... just in case. Also, any extra centerpieces that you have can always decorate other things - the guest book table, the cake table, etc. It's better to have too many than not enough!

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    Smart thinking about using the extras to decorate elsewhere!  I think that's what I'm going to have to do, just go out on a limb and guess.  I would rather have too many than not enough though!
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