WARNING - DO NOT deal with this Vendor: On-A-Budget Party Rentals

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WARNING - DO NOT deal with this Vendor: On-A-Budget Party Rentals


As posted in our reviews, this outfit - On-A-Budget Party Rentals failed to deliver on time on our wedding day 170 Chiavari chairs as promised. Thus delaying our wedding by 1 hours & eating into our paid for reception time.

Based on some comments on the net - one by 2dbride - we checked into these guys & found an unbelievable price of $4 per chair.

We contracted with them in early April for 160 chairs & subsequently added an addl. 10 chairs to the order (170 total) for $680.

They promised in a string of emails that they would deliver the chairs by 12pm Wedding day - last Saturday April 23rd.

On my wedding day after several frantic phone calls by our coordinator & venue coord. & full of excuses by this vendor, the chairs arrived 30 minutes before the ceremony start brand new in packed boxes!

They forced the venue staff, hosts, & guests to unpacked the chairs. Thereby delaying the ceremony & the reception by 60 minutes.

Furthermore, their trucked blocked the main entrance thereby forcing guests to navigate around delivery personnel & boxes.
We asked for a refund after the wedding& have been responded crudely & vilely by these hoodlums. Even though all conversation has been documented on email & via PayPal confirmations. They have actually accused us of 'stealing' chairs even though their pick up drivers confirmed the total #'s in full with the venue staff.

Their truck blocked the entrance to the venue 30 minutes before the ceremony was to start. We needed the chairs 3.5 hours earlier! How do you setup 170 chairs for a ceremony in 30 minutes new out of the box??

They have refused all manners of civil discourse.
Post wedding a police officer was called on the premises to arbitrate - they never filed any missing chairs report with said law enforcement.

Do yourselves a favor: do you really want this headache from these guys? For $4 per chair it wasn't worth the embarrassment to me.

All my reviews will be positive & glowing for my other vendors. But these guys are mean spirited, don't keep their word, lie, humiliate & embarrass me on my most important day.


Do you really need that?



Re: WARNING - DO NOT deal with this Vendor: On-A-Budget Party Rentals

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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_dc_warning-not-deal-this-vendor-budget-party-rentals?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:57Discussion:d254f2c2-6488-489f-bc7a-f478f9eeaa76Post:e0198679-3a5b-4790-b29c-3f3739c31a96">Re: WARNING - DO NOT deal with this Vendor: On-A-Budget Party Rentals</a>:
    [QUOTE]So sorry to hear of your bad experience!
    Posted by 2dBride[/QUOTE]

    I wished it had worked better too  2dbride!
    When I saw your original recommendation, I was estatic & very greatful.
    & the chairs were very nice to look at live & in pictures for the decor.

    But the experience dealing with them put a damper on the entire situation & the wedding to some extent.
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    I have contracted with them for the chairs for my ceremony...eek.
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    LindaD76 - Here are some pics of the venue staff & wait captains having to unpack chairs.  Umm

    I will try to post pictures of my guests having to unpack chairs for the ceremony when I go through it all.

    Just to make it clear - all of my vendors were wonderful to me except this one.
    It really put a damper on my day.
    Not saying they will treat you the same...but can you take that chance?

    If you dialogue with them about my issue - they most likely say we made a late change to the contract - ummm - I asked for 10 additional chairs to be added to the truck.  Why did they need to give me 170 brand new off the boat, unboxed chairs for me to unpack?

    Why do they not return phone calls?
    Why do they send people to confirm the pickup count with a police officer in front of them & then accuse me of stealing the chairs?

    Who is slanderous?
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    Well - an update:  Having paid through PayPal & going through their claims process I was able to get a fair & equitable refund.

    However, the bad vendor were of no help through this entire process. 

    They never responded to the complaint via PayPal, so PayPal just took their money.

    Do you really want to deal with a company that doesn't answer your calls when their are issues? & Call you names while in the process?


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    Well let me give you guys my experience with On-A-Budget Party Rentals so that you do not miss out on a good deal.  I hired them to provide silver chiavari chairs for my May 14, 2011 wedding.  My wedding was scheduled to start at 7PM and they were there at 4PM.  They were all wearing uniforms that said "On-A-Budget Party Rentals".  They were respectful and nice.  I did pay the extra $.50 per chair for the setup fee which entitled me to more service and an earlier arrival time.  I used the silver cushions and they were already placed on the chairs when they arrived.  They arranged the chairs beautifully for my ceremony.  All I can say is that I am very happy with their service and I would not have been able to afford chiavari if it was not for them.  My hotel was charging me $11 per chair.  The hotel was charging $5 each just for chair covers.  So if you want to save money for your honeymoon and still have a spectacular wedding just pay the setup fee to make sure they show up extra early and all your worries should ge gone.  The chairs were so new, they shined.  They told me that they get new chiavaris in every 3 months, so you will be assured of the best and a good price.  You decide.Smile
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_dc_warning-not-deal-this-vendor-budget-party-rentals?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:57Discussion:d254f2c2-6488-489f-bc7a-f478f9eeaa76Post:913ab8e1-95fc-4b85-987e-711746a3e0d6">Re: WARNING - DO NOT deal with this Vendor: On-A-Budget Party Rentals</a>:
    [QUOTE]Well let me give you guys my experience with On-A-Budget Party Rentals so that you do not miss out on a good deal....Posted by marriedannie33[/QUOTE]

    Blah blah blah.
    You were called out here by a bunch of veteran posters as a fake sheister for this HORRIBLE company.  U work for them!

    <a rel="nofollow" href="http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/warning-do-not-deal-with-this-vendor-on-a-budget-party-rentals">http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/warning-do-not-deal-with-this-vendor-on-a-budget-party-rentals</a>

    Nice try but  your wedding wire vendor feddback now has <strong>TWO</strong> <font color="#FF0000"><strong>ZERO</strong></font> star posts.
    You guys are the worse bunch of cons in the DC area.  & you will get sued.
    I hear you showed up late to a 730PM wedding AGAIN for 300 people in late May.
    & made the host setup their own chairs, threaten & yelled @ the hotel staff.

    We will soon put you on local news for people to see!

    Gee wonder why you can't post your own reviews over there... because they will catch you as fraud posting & kick you off!
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    I had the same problem. Im taking them to court...they took my money but never got the chairs...they showed up 2 hours late and 1 hour after the party already started. 

    They will not get away with scaming people like this. It's unaccaptable!
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    We contracted with On A Budget Party Rentals and are also disgusted with their service or lack thereof. We contracted well in advance and arranged for delivery of 60x chairs, chair covers and sashes to be delivered on Friday 6/24 for our wedding on 6/25 at 5pm.
    Only 50 chair covers and sashes arrived at around noon on Saturday. The chairs arrived at 5pm on Saturday 6/25. We had to find alternate arrangements with the staff of the hotel as inadequate furniture was delivered and not in time.
    After many calls and emails to On-A-Budget we finally threatened court action. It wasn't until then that I received a rather unprofessional call from someone stating he was a lawyer and representing On-A-Budget. He had the  audacity to state that they had no interest in making right their failed service and would also not be returning our security deposit. I plan to settle the matter in front of a judge.
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    This company was supposed to provide the chairs for my wedding, which is this upcoming Saturday.  They have been so unprofessional that we are cancelling our contract with them and using another vendor...thank goodness I found another vendor w/100 chairs available in 4 days!!!

    Here is what On-A-Budget Party Rentals has done to make me concerned:

    -- I made my final payment 30 days beforehand, received no confirmation that they received it, although I asked them to confirm in my PayPal notes. 
    --When I reached out to confirm, I received an email back asking for my wedding date, time, location.  Seeing as they are supposed to be delivering chairs to said wedding, I would assume this was on record already.
    --All correspondance was via Blackberry.  I know this b/c every email I received from them had a Blackberry signature.
    --About 2 weeks ago, I reached out to them again and they could not confirm a delivery time with me, said that they had 7 other deliveries that day.
    --The POC at my venue felt that the above was very strange, as most places deliver for Sat weddings on Friday, and pick up on Monday, and have a system for that all set up already (and can confirm when they are delivering)
    --On-A-Budget asked for the POC at the venue's contact information to confirm delivery with him. He never heard from them.
    --I emailed them again yesterday to confirm delivery and pick-up time. No reply.
    --They are the only vendor that hasn't called or emailed this week to confirm service for Saturday.
    --I went on their website today to find their phone # to call them...and they had taken their phone # off of their site!
    --I found their # in my wedding documents, and called the only # they have listed. It is a cell phone.  And, of course, when I called, no answer.

     I reached out to them again today expressing my concerns regarding their lack of communication, given the bad reviews that I have seen online.  They emailed back within 5 minutes that I could cancel if I want to.  So, we are going to.  As they said that we can cancel, I am going to try to get $$ back from them via PayPal, Wells Fargo, etc., but am realistic about how much I will get back.  Which I imagine will be $0.00.

    I am so mad at myself for choosing On-A-Budget vs a trusted vendor that has worked with my venue before, just to save $100 on ceremony chairs.  In the grand scheme of things, $100 is definately not worth concern that there will be no ceremony chairs at my ceremony.
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    I used On-A-Budget for my wedding this past weekend.  They sent me an email earlier this week asking me how I liked them and when I responded positively they sent me back and email saying if I post 5 reviews on their company they would activate a $20 electronic gift card.  If I do not get my card I am coming back to complain here.  I am surprised to see how many negative reviews they have.  I am glad I did not read these reviews until after my wedding otherwise I probably would not have used them.  They delivered to me with no problems.  C&VT and others who got late deliveries seem to have valid arguments.  Some of the complaints LindaD76 makes seems to be a bit weak, e.g. they used a Blackberry, they didn't confirm a PayPal payment.  Everyone seems to be upset because the company does not return calls.  That was my experience too.  Like I said C&VT seems to have a legitimate complaint but I hope he is not have an aneurism or ulcer over this.  BTW C&VT I am a virgin poster (not a veteran) so don't jump down my throat for this post.  I already admitted to getting a gift card for my posting.

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