Rehersal Dinner in arlington or Georgetown suggestions??

My brother is getting married  in Arlington this May and my parents are looking at RD locations.  Any suggestions??? They love the Capitol Grille so I know that is on the list. We are looking for a place that has a great setting, Fabulous food, and not the run of the mill. TIA!!! 

Re: Rehersal Dinner in arlington or Georgetown suggestions??

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    In Georgetown, Cafe Milano is always a good bet for group occasions.  I've been there for private dinners in groups from 18 to 50 ppl.  The staff know how to get it done!

    You mentioned The Capital Grille, which is in Penn Quarter, so it sounds like they might be open to other locations.  In that case, how about Ristorante Tosca (1112 F St NW), which is also in Penn Quarter?  That would be my #1 choice.  Great food.  Adoring staff.  Fabulous home made desserts.  Yummy!!!

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    Old Ebbitt Grill

    good luck!
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