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My fiancé and I are a young couple with a tight budget.  Does anyone know any good and inexpensive reception locations in Northern Virginia.  Our ceremony will be in the Springfield/Burke area, so we would like to stay in this area (but we would still do Fairfax, Annandale, and other surrounding cities).  We will have between 100 and 120 guests.  I would prefer the location be all inclusive (catering, bar, tables, etc), but I do not require it in your suggestions.  Thank you all so much!

Re: Inexpensive Reception Sites

  • Inexpensive is all relative.  What is your budget?
  • Maybe look into renting a historic property from Fairfax County park authorities. They're not all inclusive but they have great locations, venues and prices.


  • Renting out restaurant spaces is a great option for the kind of thing [it sounds like] you want to do. How about the Mount Vernon Inn? It's right there on the Mount Vernon plantation property (historic and beautiful), on the water, and definitely all-inclusive. Not sure of the price though, but I mention it because I went to a wedding there about a year ago.
  • Check out the Grand Atrium in Vienna, VA.  That's where my reception is being held.  They have a GREAT all-inclusive package that includes the venue, tables, chairs, linens, catering and even the DJ and drinks for a very affordable price. 
  • The site DCWedding listed this venue a few months ago as "the best kept secret in the DC/VA area."  It's the Columbus Club of Arlington.  It's beautiful.  Different ballroom for different prices.  Catering prices as low as $50/person.  There ceremony are is beautiful too.  When we loked at it, they were setting up for an outdoor wedding.  Unfortunately, we couldn't book this because of a date conflict.  My fiance' has new job starting and we have a small window we are trying to work within.  But it's really really great.  Google it for the website.
  • Be sure to check out:

    Jim Hester, OwnerContinental Event Center9705 Liberia Ave Ste 101 Manassas VAwww.thecontinenataleventcenter.com[email protected]571-208-1208

    Good luck!  P.S.  I am a successful full-time videographer in the DC area and after hundreds of events; I feel I am qualified to offer this advice.  Regards, Cliff Matheson

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