Shoe Dying - DC

Hi All - Happy New Year!

I just got my shoes this weekend and need to have them dyed.  Any suggestions for places in the District (or at least nearby in Alexandria/Arlington)?


Re: Shoe Dying - DC

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    the cobblers bench in Montgomery Mall was suggested to me by several brides on here but is out of the way.  The cobblers bench is a chain store and the have several locations in the District.  check out their website for the addresses and tele numbers.  good luck and happy planning.
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    i was going to give you the same suggestion.  i haven't used them yet, but saw another knottie recommend the one in montgomery mall- she purchased shoes from the same designer that i just purchased my shoes from, so i think i'll make the hike since i know it worked out for her.
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    Thanks so much - I'll check them out!
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