My high school sweetheart of five years and I just got married this past Saturday in Fairfax.  There were many things that caused stress when planning this wedding, but our photography was not one of them.  We used Laura Scheidt of Exclamation Imagery.
     I heard from a recently married friend that Laura was amazing and was able to see her work for myself through my friends wedding photos.  They were flawless, my friend looked beautiful in ALL of her photos...I was very impressed with her photos.  When setting a date for my wedding, I had already decided on our photographer, Laura Scheidt.  I never even looked elsewhere.  Laura gave us a package that included so much for such a little price.  We were Wow'ed. 
     Laura made the whole processes very simple and painless.  It was one of the only easy things about our wedding.  She knew exacly what we were looking for and gave us so much more.  The day of our wedding, Laura was EVERYWHERE and getting pictures of everything.  All of the guests at my wedding were impressed with her work and asked who she was.  Everyone in all three of my families loved Laura and enjoyed having her around.  We are talking about families that do not always get along.  Needless to say, Laura was perfect.  I will look for excuses to use her again and again.  I LOVE Exclamation Imagery and Laura Scheidt.  She is amazing. 

Re: BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER in NoVa-Exclamation Imagery

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    edited December 2011
    awww...laura is a friend of one of my best friends, i've met her a handful of times. i agree, she is an amazing photographer! i think her website has just gotten even better with the new pictures she's added since i first checked her out.

    we ended up going a different route for our own photographer but laura is definitely fantastic.
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