How to negotiate?

We are looking at 3 places this week for our reception - all in Gwinnett County. 

Is it possible when we narrow it down, to negotiate the prices of the catering?  For example, if they say $39.95/person, can I get that down any? 

Or if they have a room rental fee, can I get that reduced?

Any tips would be appreciated!
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Re: How to negotiate?

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    Once we narrowed our venues down to 2, both sites negotiated with us.  It never hurts to ask, all they can do is say no! 

    What I did at the second place was tell the lady what I would like to have and what my budget was, and asked her if that was possible.  She made it happen and so we went with that venue.
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    As far as tips - Be very clear about you want and confident. BUT, do not try and haggle the prices as far as making anyone uncomfortable. Be clear and to the point, choose a REASONABLE price and be prepared to ACTUALLY negotiate. You will not just go in and say "I want this for this price" and they say "ok" but you could at least get them to come down on their posted price.

    More bees with honey, right? ;)
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