QOTD 12/22/10

They always say that the wedding day is the Bride's day. Do you agree? If not, who's day is it?

I think it's everyones day. In a perfect world, everyone would be happy regardless of the food, gifts, dress, etc. Most of the focus should be on the Bride and the Groom, but the parents and friends and family also play a big part in the shaping of each ones lives. I think a wedding celebrates not only the happy couple but everyone that they love.

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    I think there are A LOT of brides who really think (and have it reinforced by others) that the wedding day is their day. I also have seen a lot of brides treat the groom like he is just supposed to follow along with what SHE wants and plans.

    I don't see it that way and am personally uber annoyed by the brides that do. OUR wedding is about me AND my FI.

    ::stepping off soapbox::
    I wonder if Prince William and Kate are registered at Target?
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