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How far in advance of the wedding should the RSVP date be? My wedding is February 20, and I was thinking the RSVP date should be Jan 20. Does that sound ok?

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    I was thinking of doing a month before mine as well. I have heard you should make it 2 weeks before your final head count is needed so that you have time to stalk all the peeps you haven't heard from
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    Sounds good! I am pretty positive my final head count is due 2/1, so I think I will have my RSVP date be 1/18. Thanks Chefy's!
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    I got married august 1 and made my RSVP deadline July 1 a full month before.  I had a lot of out of town guests so I really wanted to give them time.  I think if you do a month or 4 weeks before you'll be fine. What invitations did you decide on? The really pretty ones from etsy?
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    Yes, I chose the invitations from Etsy. The link to them should be in post just a couple down from this one! I love these, and I can't wait to get them!
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    Anytime Orange! :)  
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