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I want all future brides of the ATL to see this: PLEASE LISTEN TO THE REVIEWS FROM FUTURE OR PAST BRIDES!I didn't use "The Cake Lady" because she was a little bit more expensive than this other person I found for my cupcakes and I figured I could find a good vendor on my own...BIG MISTAKE! My cupcakes were horrible.I found my own DJ-The Smart DJ-in Atlanta,GA on my own...HORRIBLE! I'm considering taking him to court. You ony get one wedding. If you get married again, you still will only get once chance to do it right. Please be careful of your vendors and get many many reviews before you book them...I'm still trying to forget my reception...

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    I am so sorry to hear that!  Try focusing on the good things from your wedding and reception.  I know that's probably easier said than done.  I guess the most important thing to remember is that you got married and now have a wonderful hubby..
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    Oh dear.   I'm sorry to hear that.   I'm about to lose $100, because I'm ditching my DJ.  He doesn't respond to our emails in any kind of timely manner, but I chose him b/c a friend was at a wedding he did and loved the music, (and, he was about $200 cheaper than others) - but I think I'd rather fork over the cash and find someone both interested in my event and that makes me feel comfortable.  In the grand scheme of things, the extra $200 (now $300 since I'll lose the deposit) that I spend won't make much of a difference, but the peace of mind will. 
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    Remember in the big scheme of things you married the love of your life.. Your new husband.. Try to focus on that part and the new life you'll are starting together.. I am truly sorry to hear your reception wasn't what you wanted..
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