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Hello Ladies! Can you tell me how much you are spending on your weddings? Everything reception included. I cant find a place for our wedding and im trying to see whats to high to pay for a site. How much does a wedding really cost?

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    Well were looking at about $12K reception included. We are anticipating 200 guests. Food- $4000Wed&Reception Venue-$4000Decor-$1100Floral-$500Hair, Makeup, Accessories-$500Photography-$1200Videography-$700But the price of the venue really just depends on what you want. The closer to the city the more expensive, generally. What type of place are you looking for?
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    After being on this board for several months I have seen a MAJOR ranges of budgets. The lowest one I've seen is 10K and you could probably spend over 100K if you really wanted to. I tried to follow the budget on here. It said to spend 50% of your budget on the reception. That's what I am trying (unsuccessfully) to do! We spent a lot on our venue because we think the most important part is WHERE we have our wedding. That's just our opinion! There are several Atlanta based bridal magazines that could help. One is called "Brides Atlanta." I have the spring/summer issue and it has 129 reception sites. Hope that helps a bit!
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    There really is quite a range. For food, drink, and the reception site we are paying around 8k for about 120. You can find places for every budget though.
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    We are budgeting $15k but we also don't have a reception venue cost since we are getting married on my Grandmother's farm.
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    The cost will also depend on what time of year you decide to get married. Our venue is waiving rental fees and the minimum guest size because we chose February. So for about 90 people we are paying just over 7K for venue, ceremony, food and beverages (wine and beer). They also waived our linen fees and cake cutting fees. You won't get a deal like that during the summer.
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    One of the biggest ways to save money is to find a place that does not have site fees. You only have to pay for food and beverage.  I would go that route as we found places to be way more expensive than we wanted to pay also and asked the same question - how much is a wedding.  Usually going with a place that is just food and beverage (like the Emory Conference Center Hotel or country clubs - try the properties at, that will save 2K-5K by itself. We found a number of country clubs that charge little or nothing for site fees and for the food, it is 25 minimum per head but that is buffet, I think.  The Emory Conference Center has no site fees and good pricing ($1000-$1500 for food for 50 people - that is plated, not even buffet - and no cost for the room). The other way to keep prices down is to pare the guest list way down, at least for the reception.  The larger the reception guest list, the more $$ the whole thing will cost.  As others have said also, you can also find a place that lets you bring in your own food but that was neither the case for the country clubs or for Emory Conference Center Hotel (b/c that's all they charge for).A friend is looking at the Smyrna city clubhouse? She said it has a nice gazebo area and a place for the reception and is only $800 or something like that.  Then she is getting her own caterer for whatever the price is.  I recommend Karen at Gourmet Divas.  I know her and she does good business and did my housewarming (caribbean and African food but she does everything).  Email me if you want more suggestions.  We went through this too and wanted to pay cash so me and my FI have been through this with finding a venue, etc. in Atlanta at a low price.
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    Thank you Deidra, this was very helpful. Right now we are looking at hidden lakes in riverdale but im still going to look up the placese you named. Thank you
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    Shaunta, You're welcome.  Let me know if you want info on other vendors that I've found or heard about.
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