Total Wines in DE?

Has anyone bought their wedding alcohol in DE? I'm so paranoid that people are going to come swooping down and arrest me and take all my booze!!!

Re: Total Wines in DE?

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    We are planning on getting ours there.  We go there every once in a while and buy a ton of stuff.  Have not gotten arrested yet so I'm hoping we will be fine!
  • It may have been you that even told me about this, but I've heard that you should just go to another store or something in DE before you head back across the border, so that nobody can be tracking you.
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  • that's our plan too
  • That's what people at work told me, go somewhere else after so they go elsewhere.
  • I live on the PA & DE border and have seen people pulled over for this. However, that has been at peak times (right before Christmas, New Years, 4th of July, etc.). I always go to another store or out to eat before going home. Oh, also, I have had the people working at the store tell me that the PALCB is out there this weekend or whatever. I guess people have gotten caught or followed and let the store know.

    So try not to go when they might be targeting and def. stop somewhere else.
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  • I went today at lunch from work so it was a random time AND I backroaded into PA before getting on 95. Probably overly paranoid BUT I did spend WAY WAY less then I had estimated based on PA pricing... I would definitely recommend it!
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