Bridal Shows - What do you think?

I went to my first bridal show ever last weekend. I have to say that I was not quite prepared for all of the different types of vendors and for their sometimes really aggressive tactics!

Especially off-putting were the nationwide chain tuxedo places who didn't want to take "no thank you" for an answer (since we haven't even decided on colors yet).

I've already decided that I want to do business with local, small businesses, if possible, so agressive tactics make me even more certain that I don't want to use nationwide chains.

My question is this - Do you go online for vendors or what? And if you go to bridal shows, what's the best way to tell agressive sales people, "back off, buster" and maintain a modicum of dignity?

Re: Bridal Shows - What do you think?

  • It just depends on what show you go to....if you go to the mega shows, it's sensory overload.  Some of the smaller shows (like there's one in Peachtree City this weekend), you can link up with really great vendors and have time to talk to them and get answers to your questions instead of feeling like they only want your signature.

    The best thing about bridal shows is lets you see alot of different types of vendors to know which direction you would like to head in and if they're aggressive like your experience you will know who not to do business with.

    On a side note, we went with Celebrate Tuxedos and they didn't pressure us at all.  We met with them and had all time we needed, their prices were so much lower than the big box stores, and they were honest (they don't do that fake $40 off coupon that everyone else is trying to get you to believe) AND their tuxedos were newer!
  • I'm convinced that the big nationwide chains who offer that fake $40 coupon are running a scam on potential customers. Small, local businesses are the way to go, I'm sure of it. I'm glad that you found Celebrate on the Southside.

    Honesty and straighforwardness are important to me and I'm just not sure that a person can expect that from a big box/nationwide chain!

    Besides, what's the point of going to a place where you're going to be just a number, when it's such an important occasion?
  • As a follow-up, I attended another show last week (it was in Woodstock) and found an absolutely fabulous locally owned tuxedo vendor in Kennesaw! Great prices AND the owner gave me a $100 coupon to go along with a free groom's tuxedo rental. Thrilled!

    I found that small bridal shows are the way to go. No pressure, just nice people who will talk to you and make you feel special. That's important. They had champagne and food tastings - It was so much better than those big shows where you feel pressured and processed.
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