Finally settled on a theme.

I have been trying to figure out the "theme" for our reception and I think I finally settled on Music and Memories. We are HUGE concert people, and have a ton of memories related to that type of thing. We are going to have other "memories" too, like trips to the aquarium, zoo, World of Coke, Florida, etc portrayed in photos with the story or "memory" on the back. I thought this was a neat idea because some of my out of town family don't really know much about my FI and vice versa, so this could be a nice way for them to learn a little about us.


Re: Finally settled on a theme.

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    That sounds like a great theme. You could do a lot with a theme like having each memory in a music note or guitar frame, use some nice uplighting and intelegent lights. Where is your venue?
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    The QPA center in Carrollton. That's a really great suggestion. *Writing that down* LOL.
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    You got my thinking cap going! LOL, you could have your reception tables named instead of numbered. For example, table 1 would be "World of Coke" with two picture frames underneath surrounded by candles as centerpieces.  One could be the photo of you all being there and the other could tell a story of you all visiting there. You could also do a "Did you know" card placed on each plate at the table with little fun facts about you and your Fl that people don't know. You could have a slide show of pictures of you all from back in the day up until now... There is just so much you could do with this "Memories" theme

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    I thought I had my theme many times, my theme now is "me"...what I like, what my fiance likes, and making it us! There are things we share that we like and making our wedding perfect for us, our guests will love it. 
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