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Hello brides!! I hope all your planning is going well.  I just had my wedding on May 1st so I know how crazy it can get!! When I was planning my wedding I was looking for ANY type of low cost or budget service because I didnt have the large budget that some brides have. 

I searched for hours looking for affordable anything!! So, I wanted to share my experience about my DJ.  It was looking pretty grim for me because I just didnt have the budget to spend tons on a DJ.  When I was looking, I came across a DJ named Lee.  His DJ name is DJ Jah Man.  He was more than poliet and had the most amazing prices.  I was shocked!! Turns out, he is new to the game but comes with great reviews from real people that used him for school events, parties, weddings and much more.  When I spoke to him in the planning stages he was more than accomodating and helpful in the planning process.  During the wedding he not only played every song that I asked for but also had a great array of songs lined up that I hadnt even thought of.  He did an amazing job and I would recommend him to anyone that is looking.  Please dont let the fact that he is new or that he has low prices fool you, he is more than capable of giving you an amazing time!!

If you would like some more information, his website is or give him a call to discuss any questions that you might have for him directly.  His number is 770-889-5417.  And mention that Kristi sent you if you think about it!!

Good luck with your weddings ladies!!!

Our wedding on Sunday May 1st was just amazing!

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