To have a wedding coordinator or to not have one...

Ok, so I need some help. My fiance, mom and I are at odds about having a DAY OF wedding coordinator. I want one. We actually went and met with an amazing one for a consultation. They are a little on the pricey side, but even with the rehersal and wedding day package, they offer A TON of extra help. My finace liked her as well, but he believes that he can do the timeline and everything on his own and then on the day of, assign the task to a friend. I don't want to put that responsibility on a friend, I want them to be able to ENJOY our wedding. My mother doesn't see the point of having one. They did not use one for my sister's wedding so she thinks we will be just fine without one for mine as well. I'm stuck because she is helping pay for half of the wedding on her own PLUS the flowers and DJ/Band.

Re: To have a wedding coordinator or to not have one...

  • FI and I are having a very similar conversation. He does not think that we need one, I think it would be a great help. His mother has offered to do some day of duties for me, but I want her to enjoy the day as well. Not feel like she has a job to do. Keep us posted on what you decide to do!! And if you get any good recommendations.
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  • i personally have one that way i dont have to deal with the lil stuff and neither will friends/fam
  • I have heard a ton of brides say on they're wedding day that they wish they would have had a day of coordinator. You are going to be under enough stress as it is on your wedding day, I say let someone else handle making sure everything goes smoothly, so that you can actually enjoy your wedding day :)
  • Coming from the "been there, done that" side, let me say GET ONE!  During the year prior to my wedding several of my friends get married and the ones that didn't have coordinators, the wedding was unorganized, the bride was angry because the people who said would help really either didn't help or were at the bar, and most of those weddings ended early.  

    I had a coordinator and so did 2 of my friends and they were very smooth.  We didn't have to go run and check on everythinng to see that it was there or right because our coordinator was doing that.  We didn't have to worry about what went wrong (and believe me at every wedding something does) because our coordinator was fixing it.  My parents and siblings got to enjoy my wedding and be a guest instead of missing things because they were stressed out running around.

    The thing you have to remember about a coordinator is that they do this for a living.  They know not only what they're doing but also what to be on the look out for so that errors don't occur.  And the stress they took off of me was immeasurable.  

    Mine wasn't bossy or controlling (I used Linda with 3 Goats Tall)...she listened to how I wanted it to flow and put it into action.  When it was time to do things like first dance or cutting the cake, she simply came over and told me that was the next thing and got me where I needed to be and got the DJ to announce it and made sure the photographer was there so we weren't waiting on people and losing time on our reception.  She made sure my wedding was organized and so it flowed so nicely the reception was absolutely awesome!

    Even my father (who didn't want to pay for a coordinator) said it was some of the best money we spent on the wedding!  It will take so much off of you and make your reception one to remember!
  • So we've made the decision to go with a wedding planner for the rehersal and day of the wedding. After explaining to everyone that I'm beyond stressed with working full time, going to school 3 nights a week PLUS planning the wedding, they agreed that some extra help is needed.

    We are going with Stella Harper Events. Just from reading the reviews (which the fiance and I are BIG on) I knew that SHE was the only option. After meeting with Emily, the owner and our coordinator, I knew there honestly was no other option.
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    Not trying to be bridezilla, but that's what I don't get about parents. Regardless of who is paying its my wedding. If u want one and if its in ur budget, why not? Not trying to pick sides either .. but truthfully weddings lean a little towards the bride when it comes to decisions. Of course u have to talk to ur significant other about it.. i think a wc will be less stressful on everyone especially bride and groom! Go for it!!!
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    I am using a Day Of because our event is very DIY.  I think if you are using vendors who work together normally and run teh site for you you probably are already paying for one.  Or if your event is at a restaurant or something.  But I have a different vendor for everything, booked it all myself, making decorations myself and using a city-owned site with no staff.  So I am doing a Day Of so I can relax and not worry too much.  I also don't want to make any friends of families responsible for things like that.  They are travelling, have bought gifts, my parents helped out a bit financially, and $250 for someone to run the day seems well worth it to me.  We are using Dee Bailey from Antique Rose Wedding & Events If you want one and no one is willing to pay for it, maybe pay for it yourself?
  •  I just recently got married and hired one.  Best decision EVER.  i'm also doing wedding planning on the weekends for 2013 in the Atlanta and Columbus areas.  PM me if you are interested.
  • I private messaged you my experience.
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