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I can't decide on a photographer. I've heard so many horror stories that I'm afraid to make a final decision for fear of choosing the wrong one!  I'm willing to pay the price for a top photographer. Any ideas or suggestions in the Atlanta area that you know are good?!
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Re: Photography Decisions

  • I'm using Katie Rivers Photography, and I can guarantee that she's awesome and you won't be disappointed! She books up pretty fast, though, so if you're interested I would go ahead and ask her about availability. I know she's already booked solid through the end of the year.
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  • I know exactly how you feel! It took us forever to choose a photographer because I was so scared I was going to make the wrong choice, lol. We ended up booking with Kelly Embry Photography because she has gorgeous pictures but is also really friendly and easy to deal with. We just did our engagement pictures and we had so much fun running around the city with her... she just felt like a friend, that just happend to be taking our picture the whole time. I will try and post some as soon as we get the pictures back. You should definitely add her to your list of photographers you're considering cause we think she is great!

    Good luck with your search! I hope you find your perfect photographer!
  • We used Robin Nathan Photography.  She is amazing and really easy to work with. 
  • William Hogan
    That's who we are using. AND he does photobooths!!!! (plus he is a really awesome guy!)
  • As long as you choose an established professional and have lots of communication about your expectations, you're likely to have a good result.  :)

    Take a two-pronged approach:  be thorough and thoughtful, but also trust your instincts.  First take your time and review photographers you like, narrowing down into a handful of 'finalists' if you like their style and description of what they do and how they work.  Then don't be afraid to go with your gut--you need to choose someone you trust and like.  Your photographer will be with you ALL DAY, possibly more than anyone else.  It needs to be someone you feel comfortable with, that you can also envision having a good connection with your fiancee and your families.

    Feel free to visit my site:  Nina Parker Photography
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