Biltmore Which Ballroom for Ceremony?


I'm planning on having the wedding at Biltmore.  I initially jumped at the option for the 2 ballrooms-- ceremony in the Imperial & reception at the Georgian.  However, I'm wondering if I should just do both in the Georgian? 

 I really don't care about the price difference, although it would be nice to save.  Just wondering if the Imperial would look a little plain compared to the Georgian and also, I feel the little enclave makes walking into the room to get to the aisle a little weird?

However, I do like the idea of having the entire space & both ballrooms to ourselves, so that only one wedding is happening that day.  

What do you think?  I need to make a choice soon.  Thanks

Re: Biltmore Which Ballroom for Ceremony?

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    I was informed that the Biltmore  cocktail hour doesn't happen in either ballroom. They go to a separate area for that. So, the guests will have to leave the ballroom regardless.  That's why I'm debating just having the one room.

    Btw: thanks for your reply
  • I am getting married at the Biltmore in Oct and am just using the Georgian. At first, I wanted both as well, but the Georgian is more grand to me. I liked the look of the ceremonies that I saw in the Georigan versus in the Imperial. And I am not worried about my guests. That is what cocktail hour is for anyways - it is always about 45 minutes and that is enough time to flip the room and for us to take pictures. Also as you mentioned the cocktail hour is outside of the room and there will be plenty of food and drinks to keep them entertained. Lol. 

    But yea, let me know what you decide. And honestly I don't think you can go wrong with either choice. 
  • Thanks spelhouse!  I feel the same way.  I just don't want to feel like I'm losing out on something (maybe the experience?) of having both the ceremony & reception in one room, which is why I wonder if I should just keep both rooms?

    Are you renting out the lobby, too?

  • No, I'm not renting out the lobby. Are you worried there will be another wedding going on at the same time as yours? If that's the case, I don't know if alot of people are just renting out the Imperial to have just the reception there. But who knows. 

    Also, if you ever change your mind, I think they will let you add it a later time, as long as it is not rented. 

  • I'm using both ballrooms in June.  We're doing the ceremony in the Georgian and the reception in the Imperial.  I like the grand look of the Georgian for the ceremony.  The Imperial will be darker and candlelit during the reception, so, since the details won't be as visible, we wanted to use the most stunning room in the daylight.  Flipping the ballroom takes an hour at the least (from what the Biltmore told me).  We are doing a mini-cocktail hour (about 30-45 minutes) in the Georgian Ballroom pre-function area immediately after the ceremony and then moving everyone to the Imperial Ballroom.  That will give us enough time to finish taking pictures without having people sitting in the reception hall bored.  I ultimately, decided that the shuffling of 200 people in and out of the same ballroom was too much of a hassle not to get both ballrooms.
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