I know this question is asked a million times, but I have to ask it one more time! Help Please!

Does anyone know of any nice(not too big) churches in the Atlanta area where I can get married at( not too expensive also)? My wedding is on the last Sunday in August. Please help me. I am running out of time! We are not members of any church at this time.

Thank you all in advance!

Re: I know this question is asked a million times, but I have to ask it one more time! Help Please!

  •  Sorry I don't know any churches since I am not getting married at a church. My fiance and I are getting married at this beautiful place outdoors with a lake in front. If it is necessary for you to find a church maybe we can call around together to find one. Do you know if you want the church to be in Atlanta? Maybe you can try looking around in your neighborhood if you don't live in Atlanta. Maybe churches are more expensive there because they are in Atlanta. Let me know if you need any help calling people lol! Good luck!
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  • Generally it is very difficult to get married in a "church" on Sunday because they are having services.  You might do better if you look for "chapels" which don't have a specific congregation.  You didn't mention a specific religion, so maybe pseudo-religious woudl work for you?  I think Agnes Scott and Emory have chapels and you might check the other universities in the area.  I know, too, in Catholic churches if you have a small enough wedding you can book the chapel rather then the main santuary and it's muich less expensive, though not sure about Sunday availability.  Just something you might not have thought of.  Good luck!
  • Hi Alicia, 

    I think Sara said it the best, Sunday weddings conflict with most church's schedules. You may want to try St. Philip Cathedral in Buckhead. I know the have a smaller chappel in addition to their large Sanctuary. 
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