Spanx on sale...

at Ruelala today. If you don't belong and plan to get them, I can send you an offer code.

Re: Spanx on sale...

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    I saw that too.  You can get Spanx at Loehmann's for less than $15 - I think they might even be $12!! 
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    Good to know they sell Spanx at Loehmann's.  I was starting to worry that underwear was going to cost me a small fortune.   
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    I bought Spanx to wear but that morning when I put them under my dress, it actually made me look worse.. They were causing some sort of ripple effect and made my skin bubble up towards the top of my back.  I took them off and the dress looked better from the back and I felt a lot more comfortable, so I went 100% no pantyhose/shape controllers/anything except my "just married' undies on my wedding day.  Make sure you try them on with your dress a few times before the big day!
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    I love my "I DO" Hanky Pankies! 
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