Bachelorette party destination near Atlanta (but not Atlanta)

My MOHs and BMs have offered to plan my bachelorette party, but they are requiring me to pick the destination.  I'm not good at making choices because I'm always worried about everyone being happy and everything being perfect (it's my first-born personality, I'm working on it a lot through wedding planning though!)

So we've always done a destination for each of my friends when it was their turn, and now it's mine.  We've done ATL a lot, and I kinda want something different.  We've also done Savannah and Charleston.  The party will be in the fall for my winter wedding, and will need to be on an off weekend for UGA football.  I want to pick somewhere driveable so everyone will be able to attend.

We've been looking at Helen (during Oktoberfest) or Asheville.  If you have any suggestions (either on these two or other choices that would be fun), please let me know.  

PS- We are big partiers, if that helps Wink

Re: Bachelorette party destination near Atlanta (but not Atlanta)

  • Helen would be awesome! (I bet you know that already!) Went to a bachelorette weekend there and had a blast. I would suggest trying to get to stumbling distance from the village because as you probably know, the traffic can be a wreck nights during Oktoberfest and I wouldn't want you to spend your Bach party in the car!
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