Small, inexpensive venue?

Hi. I'm having trouble finding a smaller venue thats in our budget. We don't want to spend more than 10,000 total on the wedding, and we're having around 75 guests or less. I like the KTN ballroom, but they suggest not using it for such a small wedding, I don't want the size to make us look pathetic! haha.

Any suggestions? We're in East Atlanta so the closer to there the better.

thank you!

Re: Small, inexpensive venue?

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    The Old Courthouse in Decatur is gorgeous. They have discounts for off-season if you're willing to marry in the winter.
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    I looked into the old courthouse and I really like it, but I'm not crazy about their preferred caterers..
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    I'm having my wedding at the Old Courthouse--it's great. Another option close by to there is the Mary Gay House. It's smaller and cheaper with a similar set up where you bring in catering and alcohol. It might be worth a look for a 75 person event.

    Good luck!
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    Trolley House is in East Atlanta, but it might be too big for you.  You can bring in whatever caterers you want.  They do have a nice courtyard/garden area so if your wedding is in the warmer months, maybe you can have the whole thing outside.  I don't remember how many people fit on the patio.
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    I also second Mary Gay House as a possible venue. I would look into these venues as well:

    College Park Women's Club (not necessarily in East Atlanta, but about 20 min south):
    The Solarium (right in Decatur):
    Le Bam Events Studio:
    The Atrium:

    Hope this helps!
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    Anthony's in Buckhead - beautiful venue for outdoor and indoor small wedding. No venue food ~ food and drink fees only. Responsive staff. Convenient location.
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    We got married at the Mary Gay House in Decatur because it was cheaper than most other places and you can bring your own alcohol.  They offer Friday and Sunday discounts, too.  The solarium was pretty cheap, too, but not as cheap as the MGH.  The Decatur courthouse is beautiful but a lot more expensive.  We also considered Wahoo, a restaurant in Decatur.
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    I would highly recommend Lake Lanier although it may be further away than you want.
    They have a lot of options, indoor and outdoor, different ceremony and reception venues, with very affordable packages which can be added onto if required. We are getting married there on oct 30th and it's under $8000. The food and beverage minimums are pretty good and they are very helpful...good luck!
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    I'm not sure "how" East you are wanting to go, but Vecoma at Yellow River is pretty reasonably priced - it's near Stone Mountain. Also, farther east there are some really cute plantation houses such as Burge Plantation, Gaither's Plantation, etc. The only reason we don't like Gaither's is because there is a no alcohol policy. More "south" there is a great place called the Farley Plantation, and I think it's around 6K. Good luck!
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    thanks everybody! Right now we're looking at a few places including the Georgian Club and Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. I'd really like somewhere that I can have at least part of the day outdoors. I really liked Wahoo, Adrianzbride, but I wasn't crazy about their food and drink option.

    We're going to look at a few places in marietta as well
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    I am getting married at Hill Manor in Kennesaw. We have a budget of $10,000 for 120 guests and I think we are looking at staying right below budget. We are doing most of the decorating ourselves but the owner has a lot of deals with vendors and if you use a preferred vendor they offer discounts on top of her quote.
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