March 22nd wedding ..too cold?

March 22nd it too cold to have an outdoor ceremony in Atlanta? any had experiencia with march wedding in Atlanta? please let me know

Re: March 22nd wedding ..too cold?

  • Our wedding will be March 30th and the weather should be similar to today's weather 2/24/13. Around mid 60s if not a touch warmer. A little chilly, but in the sun it shouldnt be too bad. At least we hope so ;)
  • Thank you..We're still deciding on a date. Venue rentals are usually cehaper in We're  definitely thinking march..the only thing I'm concerned it will rain on my wedding day :(...they say it rains a lot in Georgia during the month of march..but we'll see..thank you so much.
  • i remember this time of year here because my daughters birthday is the 18th......the weather varies from spectacular to very chilly....its a roll of the dice for something outside as it does rain a lot in March....I would have indoor backup plans
  • I would also suggest you consider an indoor venue, or move your date. March weather is very unpredictable. Sunny and warm to rainy and chilly. You just never know. My wedding is March 22nd of next year, and I had to eliminate a venue because it was mostly outside and I didn't want to have to pay for the hall in case of rain. It just seemed like a waste of money.
  • Never been to a wedding in March but St Patty's Day, about a week beforehand, seems to have been either wet or pretty cold the last few years. 
  • If next year is anything like year's March...yes it will be really cold LOL. 

    Your biggest issue will not just be the cold weather but also the rain. 

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