Moving here and need a seamstress

Hey ladies! I'm moving to GA on Monday, our wedding is still in CT in Sept but unfortunately I will not be up there enough to be able to get fitted and hemmed, so I will have the store send me the dress, but that leaves me to finding someone that has done great work in GA. Any recs would be very helpful. Thanks!

Re: Moving here and need a seamstress

  • Welcome to Ga! What area of town are you moving to? I have a great tailor/seamstress in Marietta, but if you are moving to the city that might be a haul I recently moved in with fI, so I'm not as close to her anymore, but if I ever need anything I always drive there. Also, how intricate is your dress? Is it simple at the bottom? If so, you can probably go to any reputable store and be ok for hemming. If it has a lot of beading or intricate lace, I'd find someone who specializes in wedding dresses in that case. Just let us know your general area and I'm sure we can find you some recs!
  • Dora Baker in Lawrenceville (east of Atl-suburbs)! She is great. Google her!
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  • I second Dora Baker


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