Ring bears outfit.... I need help/advice!!!

Okay, here are the basics... June wedding, my dress is ivory, bridesmaids are in short navy dresses. We wanted gray suits for the men. None of the tux places we've gone to have had something my FI likes/wants (there are like 2 gray tuxes out there....)
My FI found a beautiful GRAY Ralph Lauren suit that the groomsmen were all going to buy. It isn't charcoal, it's gray.
BUT...I can't for the life of me (I've bought 9 online and had to return, 3 in stores, and called all over the place) find a gray boys suit that comes close to matching.
Can I put him in a navy suit? And maybe have my Dad wear navy too?
Can I put him in a darker (maybe charcoal suit)?
Can I put them all in navy suits are will that be tooooo much?
Or do we have to suck it up and go with black?


Re: Ring bears outfit.... I need help/advice!!!

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    I'd definitely go with the darker charcoal or navy over black. Is it super, super important to you that the ring bearer match the groomsmen? truth is, unless you find that specific Ralph Lauren suit for boys, you may not find a perfect match. 


    Personally, if it were me I'd nix the black idea. He'd look cute with the men in black and grey, but I think the little man would clash with the ladies (black and navy don't go together to me. If it were a lighter blue I might feel differently). But I think as long as he coordinates with the party, he doesn't exactly have to match. I think I'd probably start by trying to find him a grey or charcoal suit that coordinated to the groom/groomsmen. If that doesn't work, try to match him in blue to the bridesmaids. You should be able to find some combination of grey/charcoal or blue that looks good for both the ring bearer and your dad. 

    Good Luck!
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    I agree I would go with the navy or the dark charcol. I love the dark charcoal. I think that would look so good. I think it is ok for him not to match all of the groomsmen and for him to be in a different color. How old is he?  If he is little I would match him with the bridesmaids and if he is a little older then go with the darker charcoal. It will all work out.

    Remember your wedding will be perfect as long as at the end of the day you are married to your best friend! :) Its going to be great!
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    What if you just put the RB in gray slacks and a white shirt with a tie that ties in with your colors?

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