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Hey ladies.... I have only ever used a tanning bed for a "quick tan".... Of course, only when getting ready to go to the beach , so I don't fry or when I was younger for proms and such. ANYWAY.... I would like to have a little bit of a tan for my November 3rd wedding. I have never spray tanned...any advice? I'm so afraid it'll rub off on my gown, even if I do it days before.....
Can someone tell me the pros and cons?
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Re: Spray tanning

  • It won't rub off, unless you get a spray that has bronzer which will get all over everything. If you went the day before and washed off, you wouldn't have to worry about the bronzer coming off on your gown. 
    I am a convert to spray tanning after LOTS of trepidation. I go to Palm Beach Tan, they have 4-5 levels of tan I think so you can get used to the idea first. I have never had a problem with it looking weird and they totally help you out. I would be worried about doing it myself, so I like that it is goof-proof.
    It is not cheap though, if you want to try it before the wedding I would suggest signing up for a membership because you can save alot of money that way. You can always cancel it after the wedding.
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