Food fright

Hi Guys,

Is it typical to book a location (with a deposit) that does it's own catering without actually tasting the food?

 The idea seems a little odd to me, but it seems like that's what I'm expected to do.  I wish I felt better about the process.  Food is such a big part of the budget, and I want to everyone have a good experience.


Re: Food fright

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    We booked ours without tasting the food.  Have you asked them whether you can get a tasting before booking?
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    I suggest asking them if you can schedule a tasting.  With ours, there is a fee to have a tasting before putting down a deposit.  Another place that we looked at said they would put together a selection of the food in to-go boxes for us to pick up and try at home before putting down a deposit; after putting down a deposit they would schedule a time to sit down with us and try all of the food choices.
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    I wouldn't book any caterer without a tasting, unless they had GREAT reviews. JMO
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    I wouldn't hire anyone to do catering without tasting it. Not a chance.
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    Definitely ask about a tasting but be prepared to pay a fee if it's before you book. Anyone in the wedding business would understand a brides hesitation to pay for something you aren't going to taste until the day of. 

    Also see if your venue does an open house sort of thing. I went to one for Rosabelle Manor in Adairsville and they had their preferred vendors there as well as a full buffet style meal laid out. They had the reception space decorated as if it was someone's wedding and their preferred photographer was there showing pictures from other ceremonies at that venue, it was great.
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    Thanks!  I'm glad that I'm not totally off base with my feelings.  I don't know anyone who has had an event there, and I can't find reviews.  It's a relatively new wedding venue.

    They didn't offer me an advance tasting after I expressed my concerns.  I asked for references and they are working on getting someone to talk to me.  I am willing to pay for an advance tasting if that's possible.  I'll certainly try that route and ask if they can do that.

    Thanks again!

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