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Hey Ladies,

I am having trouble finding a onsite makeup artist for my May 4, 2013 wedding in Alpharetta. I was hoping for some suggestions. We are getting our hair done in Buckhead early in the morning so I would be open to going somewhere as a last reslt but would really rather have it done onsite. Any suggestions would be totally helpful. Thanks!!!

Re: On Site Make-up Artist

  • Check out
    She does excellant work.
  • I am in the same boat. My date is May 27, which is a Monday when most salons are closed, so I definitely need to find someone to come to me onsite. Thanks for positing, I'll follow this for suggestions as well!
  • Thanks carly. Please let me know if you find anyone. I am considering going to the MAC/Bobbi Brown and seeing if anyone there would be willing to come onsite. As a lot of them have small businesses as well.

    I will keep you updated as well!
  • I'm gonna look into that too, suggested just the other day to me. I dont know about you, but this and the bridesmaid dresses are the most stressful things I have encountered so far!
  • I've found some folks on actually.... still trying to find any reviews of their work, etc, before giving over deposits, but I think that might be a way to go in terms of the better deal... just thought I would share. 
  • Hey ladies I am using picture perfect event make up!
    I found them through my photographer!

    Hope this helps
  • I think I just posted to Carly on another chat but my friend Ansley Gwinn is awesome and super affordable.  Her background is professional makeup for photo shoots and theatre.  She has been designing weddings for 2 years. She's gonna do mine in November! I can put you all in touch!
  • God afternoon my fellow brides and congrats,

    I am actually a makeup artist and fellow bride based out of Atlanta I'd be glad to do a consult with you and further discuss what look your going for as I know these wedding details can become very expensive. I'd love to be your artist for your special day!!

    you can email me anytime @ [email protected]

    or call directly to 7707336693

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