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Does anyone have any advice on which vendors / staff to tip? My photographer, videographer, and florist own their business so I wasn't really sure of what to do! TIA for any help!

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    I had a paper saved on this, I'll Cut and Paste:

    General Rules:
    1) No one/single person should get more then $150.00.

        For example: Let’s say your limo is $2000. 10 or 15% of that total is $200 or $300, not necessary.
    2) All tips should be given in cash. If the person serving you is an employee of the company, their tip should be in a separate envelope.
    3) Tips should be given just before your vendor leaves. That way you can judge how much to give, according to the job they did for you.



    You should tip:
    - your hair and makeup pros (15-20%, just like at the salon)
    - delivery people (about $5-$10 each)
    - limousine drivers – 10-15% of the limousine bill, given at the end of the evening.
    - parking, coat check, or restroom attendants ($0.50 - $1 per car or per guest)
    - waitstaff ($20 per staff member, plus more for the manager and/or headwaiter or 15% of total catering bill)
    - bartenders ($20 for each or 10% of total liquor bill)
    - for your officiant, you should expect to tip a nondenominational officiant between $50-$100. Or, if you're an active member, plan to donate $500 or more to your officiant's church, synagogue, or temple.
    - if the DJ is an employee $50-100.00. If you have 2 DJs (DJ & MC), give each person $50.00 in separate envelopes. When your guests rave about your reception later, it's the DJ that had everything to do with the fun.
    - ceremony or reception musicians - $5-10/hr per person, in one lump sum given to the person in charge.


    Don't need to tip, but can if you want:
    - Business Owners - You don’t have to tip the owner of a business, unless you feel that they have gone beyond the call of duty and you want to give them a token of your appreciation.
    - Banquet or catering manager - doesn’t need to be tipped unless they’ve thrown in extras or saved you a few hundred dollars on your bill. The tip would be between $50-$100.
    - Photographer and Videographer - If these vendors own the company, then the tip is optional. If they are employees $50.00 goes to the main photographer and he/she can give a split to the assistant.
    - Florist - You don't need to tip the florist for making your arrangements but you can tip them an extra $5.00 per delivery location (3 locations=$15.00) or $10-20.00 per staff member in one lump sum, for set-up and delivery.
    - Wedding Cake Baker - You don't have to tip for the baking of the cake but if you are at your reception venue at time of delivery and set-up = $10.00
    - Wedding Coordinator or Room Manager- This is the person managing the reception venues staff and facility the night of your wedding = $50.00
     - Your Wedding Planner - This person has planned your wedding from start to finish. An appropriate tip would be 10% of their total commission or bill.

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    Thanks so much! This helps me out a lot!
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