Is it just me, or is onsite make-up REALLY expensive??

Wow! I'm pricing out people, and this seems like an unreasonable cost.  Average is $150 for the bride and $65 per bridesmaid... but then you scroll down further, and they're offering half days of makeup for print and photo shoots for $250?  I'm totally confused, can somebody help me to understand why this is so expensive?  Or perhaps recommend someone that's a little more reasonable? Undecided

Re: Is it just me, or is onsite make-up REALLY expensive??

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    Not sure if you're doing your hair, but this place is great and very reasonable.  I'm using them for both my hair and make-up, expecting it to be around $175-$200.


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    I think it's more for on-site since they have to travel to you. If you think it's too expensive, don't do on-site, or at least look around a bit more for a better price. I was thinking about doing on-site, but not if it's that expensive. Maybe find someone who is willing to do hair and makeup for that price. When I was a BM in one wedding, I think it cost $50 for BM to get their hair AND makeup done on-site. But then again, the makeup was not so good. I actually had to go back and touch it up/fix it.


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    I've priced out quite a few around the Atlanta area, and I think its really expensive.
    I could put it in my budget, but really the price seems so unreasonable to me that I just dont want to.

    BM's and I decided we are going to do our own makeup and get our hair done at a my local salon. 
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    I used Paula Walker aka Timeless by Paula and she did an amazing job! She was more than just make up, she was with me most of the day and was there to help me out. She did my make up for my rehearsal dinner, trial, and day of for $150 and did anyone else's make up for $50. Here is her e-mail  [email protected]

    Tell her Amanda sent you!
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    Thanks for the suggestions!  As a couple of folks mentioned, maybe onsite isn't the way to go...
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    Thankfully I won't have to worry about that as I am a Mary Kay consultant and one of my colleagues will happily do it for free  : p
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    I just recently started checking into this and contacted several vendors, Paula with timeless was $250 for day of, touch ups and one other time.  She must have increased her prices dramatically since Amanda booked her.
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    It's not just you, it is expensive :)

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