July wedding reception ruined by lighting

HELP!!! My reception venue was struck by lighting and is considered unsafe.  They may be able to let me know if I can use it by next week but my wedding is 11 days away. I'm getting married at Pristine Chapel and if anyone has priced them know that it is not cheap.  I had found a clubhouse for $300, catered is paid for and so is the DJ.  THERE IS VERY LITTLE MONEY LEFT and timing is crucial.  If you know of a cheap but nice place for a reception on Friday July 27th available from 8 pm to midnight that holds at least 100 people please let me know.  Location needs to be no more than 20 to 30 miles from Morrow, GA.

Re: July wedding reception ruined by lighting

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    On no I am so sorry to hear that I do not know of the prices of these places but try the riverdale center or the morrow center. Try asking your caterer or visiting the county or city website when I was looking for places in the perimeter area I went on the cities website and it list places that were available for rent. Hope everything works out.
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    Maybe try a public park or a recreation center? Those are the only types of places that I can think of in your budget. Hope you find something!
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    I am so sorry to hear that. I would suggest asking The Pristine Chapel for a refund to help you pay for a new recpetion space. Its the least they can do for such a huge inconvenience. I hope everything works out
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