Callaway Gardens chapel?

I am reposting this hear at someone's suggestion: 


I know the venue list says "$$$"  but I was wondering if anyone had been married there and could provide some info on what they paid? 

Thanks in advance!


Re: Callaway Gardens chapel?

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    Have you emailed them to see what they'll tell you? 

    I didn't get even that far because it wasn't quite the style we were looking for. I would gander just from browsing though, that it ain't cheap. :)
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    Visit They have a section for weddings. Go to the printable wedding guide and you should find the rate of all of the venues they have available. 
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    Be very careful of Callaway!  I have a friend TRYING to get married there and for the last couple months they have sent her FOUR contracts all with the wrong dates on them, added a TON of additional fees, and she had an appointment and drove 2 hours to talk to them in person and get more logistical details, the coordinator took the day off and told her on the phone, that she would just have to come another day.  ABSURD! 
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