Rehersal dinner

My brother and bride are from out of town and they are getting married where they first met... Georgia.

Since I live here, I have been doing all the planning.

We will be having about 30 ppl at a rehearsal dinner and the budget is 300.00 the most.

Most of the ppl are from out of town and me not my brothers do not have a house or an apartment to have people over.

I wanted to have it at local chain restaurant, but they don’t do reservations or save seats.

I need help. How am i going to have a rehearsal, which is 300 in budget and in a restaurant that we can keep the entire guest together?

Re: Rehersal dinner

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    There are restaurants that can make that happen. You have to dig deeper. For example: Mary Macs Tea Room allows you to make reservations and don't require a deposit. That's where we are having ours. 
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    Mary Macs is a good idea!!!! I was in the same boat with the rehearsal dinner but I think i just found the resolution, thanks Soon2BSand!
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    Another idea is Brio's they give you their banquet room as long as you meet their food & beverage mininmum. It is higher though - $500-$900 (depending upon location).
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