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After going to what feels like a million stores, I went to Sweet Elegance in Decatur.  My experience was amazing.  My consultant, Nancy was the best.  She listened to what I was looking for and immediately started pulling dresses.  I brought in a photo of a dress that I had previously seen in a magazine so we tried that one on first and it was gorgeous but Nancy encouraged me to try on a few others just so I could be sure that the one from the magazine was "the one."  Every dress she pulled was awesome.  Plus, she was really respectful of my budget.  


I'm curvy (size 14 in regular clothes) and in other stores, I felt like my body type was a hindrance but at Sweet Elegance, my curviness was embraced and Nancy repeatedly pulled dresses that flattered by figure.  I absolutely fell in love with the fourth dress that Nancy brought in.  It was so perfect and everything that I didn’t know I was looking for.  I retried on the dress from the magazine and it didn’t compare at all.  I knew the other was “the dress” but I like to take my time with big decisions.  Nancy, Aimee (owner,) and Kristine (owner) were so supportive and encouraged me to think about my decision. There was no pressure at all.  I made another appointment for later in the week to go back in and try on the dress.  I tried on the dress again and the deal was sealed. 


I just wanted to share my experience because I know that the dress shopping can be extremely frustrating.  Sweet Elegance was everything that I wanted in my dress shopping experience. I can’t say enough about how wonderful and supportive the consultants were.  They had a ton of gorgeous gowns in a range of sizes.  I highly encourage anyone shopping for dresses to check out Sweet Elegance.

Re: Dress Shopping Experience

  • Katie - you can find dressed in you range at sweet elegance. I got my gown there as well and was shocked that the dress I ALMOST got was like $700 bucks! I ended up going with a sl more expensive gown, but I was really impressed with the service, quality of gowns, and prices.

    The place I was the lease impressed with with Brides by Demitrios (sp?). It's in a great location, so I thought it would be "the place" but it's more of a chain atmosphere...not huge on service, the employees didnt seem as invested in the experience, and a lot of the gowns seemed to be lower quality then what I had seen at other stores in the same price range. I know others have have good experiences there though, but that's my opinion.
  • Thanks ladies!  So guess what?!  I went to Sweet Elegance on Monday and got my dress!!  

    Y'all were right about everyone there being so helpful and friendly.  My consultant, Ashley, pulled dresses that were very flattering and not necessarily what I would have picked out for myself, but I fell in love with the second one I tried on.  Ashley was so patient and more than willing to let my sister and I leave and come back the same day (without making another appointment) so I could try the dress on for my mom before buying it.  Aimee and Kristine were helpful and supportive as well.  It was such a great atmosphere.  I ended up getting a dress that was out of my budget but I know that it is "the one" and my sister and mom (who are both even cheaper than me) both said I simply had to get it.  

    I was never one of those girls who was excited about dress shopping.  To be honest, I was dreading it!  So I'm very grateful to Sweet Elegance for the pleasant experience and I'm thankful that I can check one more thing off the list! :)
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