looking for an affordable cake vendor-any suggestions

my wedding is august 4th

Re: looking for an affordable cake vendor-any suggestions

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    You haven't really given much information to help us to help you. It would be helpful to know your budget for a cake and how many guests you are having.

    Wal-Mart and Publix both do wedding cakes for a decent price. However - to my knowledge they do not do any delivery or set up, that will be up to you.

    Another thing to keep in mind is how you are going to serve the cake. Some catering companies will cut and serve the cake for you and charge a per slice type of fee. 

    When I was choosing my cake, I decided to go with cupcakes. The per cupcake charge and the per slice charge was about the same (about $2 per) however, I ended up saving money with the cupcakes because I do not have to pay anyone to cut and serve it. 
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    Don't know what you're looking for.... but my baker is Not A Crumb! Exquisite Cakes (click on name for link).

    Christine is AMAZING and her cake is just as amazing.

    Tell her Amber C. (10.20.12) sent you! :)
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    I was gonna suggest Publix also.
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    Highland bakery is really yummy, not sure what their cake prices are though. Publix is a good budget option, their cream cheese icing is delish.
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    Publix delivers but there is an additional cost. It would help if you told us where your looking, Atlanta, West of Atlanta...etc
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    Cakes by Darcy in Roswell. We walked away with a 3 tier cake and a fgroom's cake for 150 people for just over $600. They offer a 10% discount if you pay in cash upfront. And the cakes are fabulous! I'd also recommend Kelley's Kakes in Roswell. She has a daughter at my school and has done cupcakes and cakes for school functns. Yummy!
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    If you go to a hispanic bakery they do really, and I mean really nice cakes. They are also very affordable. I don't really know the names of any but I just pass them all the time. There are some off of roswell rd I know for sure. Anyways the one I'm using is off of Veterans Memorial. It's the best bakery I've ever been to, I love it. Its called la panederia which is The bakery. I'm paying $200 for a gorgeous tres leches cake. 
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    I tasted a lot of cake before we decided on a pastry chef for our prefered vendors list. Not only is she good, but she has just branched into her on business and is very reasonable for what you get. 

    Katharina's Cakes
    Pastry Chef
    Katharina - 678-315-1416

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    Miss Mamies just off the square in Marietta.
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    Confection Perfection in Marietta is excellent.
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    I used For Goodness Cakes located over in Norcross for my wedding earlier in the month. They did a wonderful job and it was definitely one of the better prices I saw when I was searching for vendors. It came out beautiful and tasted amazing!

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