Running of the Brides - March 18

Anyone already planned to go to running of the brides? I've read reviews that it's not as insane after the mad first rush. It's in buckhead March 18. Anyone going? I would love to maybe team up with some girls and cover more area and more dresses together. I have two dresses I love and if I could possibly find them at this sale, then that would save me so much more money for other important wedding things, like bringing more people, etc. I also wanted to know if anyone knew of any similar sales, or discount deals coming, or any dress tips. A friend of mine does alterations, so I won't have to worry about that cost, but the dress is what I want. And to get it at about $200-800 instead of $2,000 or something, that would be great. Let me know what you have heard or already experienced with the "running of the brides" sale event in buckhead, atl, ga. Thanks! And hope to maybe chat some more about dresses.

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    ok wait...what exactly is this? What time and where? I have never heard of this before. Is it just a bunch of dresses in one room and you basically fight for them like it's black friday?
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    Go to the website link I posted. It's at Filenes in buckhead, GA. Supposedly this store only does this once a year, and they bring in a ton of dresses and doors open at 8am and close about 5 or 6. but normally people rush the front at the opening time. But you go, get dresses you want off the racks, try them on, and their costs are normally $200-800, these are designer gowns too! This is all I know and it seems like if only about 400brides go, 4000+ gowns, you are guarranteed a possible dress of your dreams. I'm interested in going. they say it's good to have a bunch of friends with you to scout the racks for dresses.
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    WOW sounds cool. Think I may definitely go to that! I'll have to have my fiance or one of my bridesmaids go with me. Sounds exciting!
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    I went last year. It is crazy! But if you can deal with that, it's certainly worth it! People team up and even get matching t-shirt with "team whatever" on them. You may have one group of girls pull all the gowns they can find in a certain size, put them in a pile, and the bride to be will try them on right there in the middle of the store, so wear granny panties! :) No time for dressing rooms!

    have fun!
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    It is CRAZY!!! To much chaos for me, but I want to go and photograph the maddness. Definately an experience.
    I wonder if Prince William and Kate are registered at Target?
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    I'll be there! 

    Just for kicks (and photo album pics), we will have a team theme.  I've heard about it so much that I want to go see what the fuss is about.

     I also refuse to pay over $1000 for a wedding dress out of sheer principle, so this is a great option for me.  However, I'm not going to fight anyone for a dress.  There are way too many out there for all that.

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    I am thinking about going a little later in the morning, around 11 or so. I've heard that by this time a lot of the madness has died down and you can still find a wide variety of dresses without all of the chaos. I'm not a morning person and I just don't know if I can handle all of that stress so early! Has anyone else been later in the day and had success?
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    I went last year, about 10:30am.  The craziness had definitely died down, although there were still tons of people there.  I had just gotten engaged, so I was by myself and not ready to buy yet.  Here are my suggestions:
    1--bring a full length mirror.  Yes that is bulky and awkward but it's the only way you may see a mirror
    2--fitting rooms are impossible to get.  Wear something you are comfortable with strangers and people on Peachtree St seeing you in.  Some girls wore slips or swimsuits.
    3--They have alterations people on site.  I have no idea what their prices are. If you have someone knowledgeable, bring them.  The unsold dresses travel from city to city so they are sometimes in rough condition.  Know what can be fixed and what can't
    4--Try on a ton of dresses beforehand.  Know your vendors, retails, resale from the preowned sites, etc.  There are definitely good deals, but not everything is.
    5--These are primarily sample dresses so they are mostly size 8 or 10, which is a street size 4-8.  There are lots of dresses in other sizes, but keep that in mind if you are significantly smaller or larger than that.
    6--don't let yourself get caught up in the excitement or the price.  If your wedding is far down the road or you aren't 100% sure of what you want, don't buy.  There are zillions of dresses for sale on the internet that were purchased here that turned out to be a mistake.
    7--There are thousands of dresses.  If I had been further along in the process and had a friend/mom, I'm sure I could have found a dress
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    I am going Friday after work, lol hopefully there will still be something there if not i've got quite a while to go! Not buying unless I fall head over heels in LOVE with one!
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